14 June, 2024

How to Confidently Choose Your Wedding Venue Without Touring in Person

Planning a wedding is a daunting journey in itself, but what is more exhilarating is the search for the right venue, especially when you are looking remotely. Many couples fear missing crucial details without setting foot on the property. Whatever the reason, you can still book that stunning destination for your wedding with careful consideration.

Utilizing our guide, you can make a confident choice without touring the venue, so let’s get you started.

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Choose your Wedding Destination Confidently without Touring in Person

Here is your step-by-step guide to help you choose your wedding destination without touring -

Prioritize your needs

Before you search for a wedding destination, you must consider what and how you want your wedding to be. You must prioritize your budget, guest lists, style, and location. All these factors can help you narrow down your options and focus on the wedding venues that meet your criteria.

Also, decide how much you are willing to spend on the venue and allocate funds to catering, decor, rentals, etc. A clear budget picture will prevent overspending and help you make informed decisions.

Conduct Online Research

Check the online resources, like WeddingWire and The Knot, which have helpful information to help couples plan their D-Day. You can also research the venues in your desired location and learn more about their atmosphere. For a comprehensive view, you can get photos, videos, a 360-degree view, and detailed information on the venues you might shortlist.  A pro tip: While researching online, make a checklist of your requirements so you don’t overlook the pros and cons.

Consult Wedding Planners

Wedding planners undoubtedly have the expertise to help you in such situations. They come with a whole package, from deciding on the wedding venue to wedding decor to destination wedding photography! So, whatever your preferences and vision are, they will assure you with the best results.

Also, they can provide insider information about the venues you might be looking at. Besides, they collaborate with the best wedding venues! So, be assured that you will get the best prices.

Check with your Wedding Photographer

While looking for the best wedding venue, do not forget to connect with your wedding photographer. These people have visited and taken the best shots at some of the great venues. So they must have plenty of suggestions for you based on their experience. Also, once they know about your preferences and ideas, you will get some good help!

Schedule Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are a thing today! Most wedding venues offer pre-recorded videos or virtual tours to help the couple see the space. The venue staff is also available to answer all queries and provide information. Get all the details about the pricing, available dates, capacity, and included services.

When touring virtually, look for key details like the lighting, layout, area dimensions, and, specifically, the garden area if you plan the outdoor setup. Virtual tours will also help you analyze the venue’s responsiveness and professionalism, which is crucial for smooth wedding planning.

Wedding Venue

Check for Venue Restrictions

Ensure you inquire about any restrictions the state imposes or any permits required for the venue's location. Before booking, ensure the time limit to play music or if there are any restrictions on decor. Also, inquire about the additional costs for decoration and catering to avoid hassle. Besides, confirm the services that the venue will facilitate and learn about the policies and restrictions to avoid last-minute surprises.

Request Additional Information

To learn more about the venue, you can ask the venue staff for additional information, like the floor plans, area dimensions, and layout. You can also request additional photographs and videos of different decor and setups to get a close-up view of the critical areas.

Feel free to share your preferences and ideas with the staff to determine whether they can be implemented correctly or what else can be done. Most importantly, be aware of the action plans for any unforeseen issues or sudden weather changes.

Assess Accessibility and Location

Use maps to evaluate the accessibility to the shortlisted wedding venue. Also, travel logistics for guests from abroad, including public transportation and proximity to airports and highways, should be considered. Ensuring this will save you from last-minute calls for directions or assistance. Finally, inquire about the parking space and whether it can accommodate a specific number. Easy access to the location will make your day more enjoyable for all the guests and you!

Consider Nearby Lodging Facilities

If you have guests from out of town, you must look for nearby lodging facilities. Some wedding venues have in-house lodging, so ensure this in advance. Since you will spend about 2-3 days, make sure the guests' stay is comfortable. To enhance the stay, check for hotels providing exciting activities to keep the guests engaged and enjoying their time. So, in advance, gather all the information to check if everything meets the criteria.

Wedding Venue

Check for References and Testimonials

Learn from the experiences of other couples who have booked services at the venue. Read all the reviews and testimonials to get feedback on how the venue served them and learn about their overall experience. Real-life experiences can provide valuable insights during your research to help you make an informed choice. Use the location filter on social media to get more details and to directly contact the couples for a detailed review.

Trust your Instincts

You must cross-check the pros and cons if you cannot drive to inquire about the location. Compare all the factors, like cost, amenities, and location. Also, remember to verify each detail, whether it is the venue permit or any other documents. You can consult with trusted family and friends to help decide and finalize the venue. Finally, you must trust your instincts. If everything feels right and meets your requirements, you must proceed!



Booking your dream wedding venue without touring it in person is challenging! Things might be uncertain, but with the right approach, all seems achievable. You can leverage technology and social media, conduct thorough research, weigh the pros and cons, and seek advice from trusted ones to make a choice confidently. Remember, it’s your special day, so with careful planning, you can choose a venue that perfectly aligns with your vision. Thus, trust the process and start your wedding venue search with confidence!


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