24 June, 2024

How to Capture Non-Traditional Wedding Photos that Feel Authentic

Tired of recreating the typical wedding poses for your wedding shoot? Want to capture some memories that reflect your love story and not just a wedding day? If it’s a yes, then let’s together say goodbye to the stiff poses and welcome non-traditional luxury wedding photography!

As the name suggests, we aren’t breaking any traditions but transitioning from capturing a day to capturing moments you can relive! It is all about the unforgettable moments that celebrate individuality and togetherness in one shot. So, are you ready to learn how you can stand out with your wedding photos and still feel authentic? Let’s get started!

Capture Authenticity, the Non-traditional Style

Here is the guide to help wedding photographers and couples capture photographs that feel more authentic and meaningful -

  • Understand the Couple’s Vision

To capture authentic photographs, you must understand a couple’s vision. Discuss with the couple to know about their love story, favorite memories, and what is so special about their relationship. Also, gather the information about how they want their wedding to be or what is the theme that the couple is going for. All of this will let you know about their personalities and desires, based on which you can capture moments that resonate with their story and vision. 

  • Incorporate Unique Locations

Whatever the location is for the wedding, it is crucial to add a personal touch to the photos. Venue plays a major role in the essence of your photographs. Apart from candid wedding photography, location is significant to pre or post-wedding shoots also. Places like where the couple had their first dates or any coffee place they love adds the sentimental value to the photographs. Using unconventional spaces can not just infuse character but tell a deeper story about the couple’s journey together. So, take advantage of the environment, unique architecture, and natural elements to add more depth to the photographs. 

  • Capture Candid Moments

To incorporate authenticity and charm to the photographs, a candid photographer should delve more into the spontaneous moments. Instead of sticking to the rigid poses, encourage the couple to enjoy their day, without focussing on what is being shot. The unplanned moments are a treasure to capture, whether it’s a burst of laughter, a teary-eyed moment between the family or a stolen kiss in the crowd. The relaxed atmosphere unfolds the natural chemistry between the couple and lets you capture the best of the moments. 

  • Use Different Angles and Creative Perspectives

As a wedding photographer, do not hesitate to experiment with different angles and perspectives. Today, weddings are theme-based, which allows addition to numerous props adding a creative perspective to luxury wedding photography. Creativity can turn ordinary moments to extraordinary pictures, reflecting on the couple’s uniqueness. 

Using props like mirrors, glass or water can create amazing reflections and add more vibrance to the pictures. You can also use different objects to frame your shots like flowers, furniture, hanging frames and much more to create unique compositions. 

  • Focus on the Personal Details

Professional wedding photographers have a vision to add more meaning to the pictures, which is essential to the couple and their family. Embracing even the little things through photography makes it more than just beautiful. Focussing on the personal details and capturing through it evokes emotions and memories that are uniquely theirs only. Whether it is a DIY decor piece or a vintage family jewelry and even hand-written vows, capturing all this serves as a powerful reminder of thoughtfulness and warmth. After all, it is a day with just love in the air!

  • Play with Light and Shadow

One of the best storytelling tools in photography is light! Whether it is a day or a night wedding, don’t forget about the ‘Golden Hour’. Golden Hour is the time right before the sunset or right after sunrise. It offers natural warm light creating a magical atmosphere. But to add more depth and drama to your picture, play with shadows. It can create dreamy silhouettes by using backlighting or window lights to give an intimate feel. For luxury wedding photography,  you have to go beyond the imagination to get the best shots evoking love and emotions through the pictures.

  • Encourage Natural Conversations

Posing with guests and family is a ritual, but capturing moments in between adds more magic and essence to the wedding photography. Encourage the couple to indulge in conversations to get the best of their reactions. To make them giggle, crack a joke or question about their first date, to get genuine and candid poses that feel more authentic and heartfelt. After all, it is the couple’s day and to capture the essence of their love, let them deep dive into quiet moments together and then capture the movement. 

  • Use Props to add more Elements

Theme-based weddings are so fun as they use props and other elements adding a magical ambience. If you are planning a simple wedding, you can still indulge in theme-based shoots. The most in trend is a travel-themed shoot or an old vintage style shoot, where you can use different props like vintage suitcases, airplane shots or running at the airport, as if to catch a flight. All of this makes wedding photography unique and personal. Also, you can utilize the BTS shots to make it more fun and happening! 

  • Get a List of Poses Ready 

The best is to sit with the couple and go through numerous portfolios and references to get the best poses ready. Well, this might sound all pre-planned and not candid, but it has its own fun. You can follow the latest celebrity weddings, to get to know about some random poses that you would like to imitate. There is no harm in having a pre-planned pose list, as it makes it easier to shoot. However, you can add personal touch to the poses and style as you want!

  •  Follow the Timeless Editing Style

After the photography is done, professional wedding photographers use their magic wands to bring the magic to life. Well, it is called editing that adds and enhances the beauty of the photographs without overshadowing its charm. Thus, following the timeless editing style, lets you stay focussed to real colors and emotions. Make sure that you do not over-edit or add heavy filters, which gives a more artificial look to the pictures. A pro tip: To get the best images, focus on its sharpness, light enhancement and contrast. It will not just preserve authenticity but will make it look more beautiful and true to life.


Capturing non-traditional wedding shots that are authentic is all about understanding the couple’s journey. To bring those pictures to life, professional wedding photographers must embrace spontaneity and utilize creative perspectives to reflect their unique story. By focussing on the smallest details, candid interactions and thoughtful editing, you can create meaningful wedding photos. 

If a wedding is on the cards and looking for someone who can capture timeless moments, then you must check for the best wedding photographers in Europe. So, collaborate and create something beautiful together!


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