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Art is about one telling others their own story. My art is visual speech. I shoot to express who I am.

Photography is about storytelling. I create dialogues between two landscapes: the ones I capture through my lenses and the ones I carry inside. Visual art is about the expression of one’s life. A synthesis of who I am: globetrotter, nomad, transhumant. Places I have been, people I have worked and met along my life’s journey, conversations, techniques and experiences telling the story. An image is indeed worth a thousand words. This is an invitation to look through my eyes.

I began to document feelings through images at my homeland, Frías, an indomite place in the Argentine northwest near the Andes. A summer land of more than 40 degrees Celsius. Touching scenes. The same but different.

My first photography exhibition “Mobile Landscapes” (Paisajes Móviles) took place in Frías in 2009. Since then, I have worked in advertising, events and some personal social projects in which I was always passionately involved. In parallel to my professional activity, my volunteering work consists of documenting orphan schools around the world.

I am a lucky man having lived and worked in Amsterdam, Sydney, Zanzibar, London, Verona, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Córdoba (Argentina), Barcelona, among other cities of strong perspectives.

The main thing is to capture the nature of real moments. My goal is to get the here and now in a shot. Telling true stories and expressing raw emotions and experiences as they are. Capturing a specific mood. Being present and getting involved in the flow of the narrative.

It’s my job. It is my life and it is what I love. My passion.

Sergio Sandoná….


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